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Pedro Marques native from Porto, Portugal. Got his first serious experience in music as part of the band Alla Polacca.

In 2003, he was granted the opportunity to participate in the Berlinale Film Festival Talent Campus.

In 2005, after graduating in TV & Film, he was hired by the Swedish company Riviera to work as a Film Music Composer, and in 2007, he co-founded the company Jump Willy with his friend João Seabra, assuming the role of Music Composing Director.

Since 2004, with the premiere of his first soundtrack “Suicídio Encomendado”, Pedro has worked on countless feature films and TV series.

In 2016, Pedro won the Portuguese Academy Award for Best Soundtrack for “Capitão Falcão”.

However, Pedro’s life is not all about movies and TV shows: in 2008, he wrote the theme song for the Axe “Leather” commercials, which put him on the charts for several weeks for most downloaded song. In that same year, he was invited by the composer Adam Norden to create the Sony Erikson mobile phone ringtones, and in 2009, he was hired by Moodswing to write the music for the BMW MINI Coupe Music Feedback system.

In the video game department, Pedro composed the theme song for the Nintendo Wii game “Defenders of Law”, and he also wrote the music for the mobile games “Return Zero”, “Paratroopers”, “Mr. Walter” and “Dead Pulls”.

In 2010, Pedro moved to California in pursuit of a higher education in Film Scoring at the UCLA and, in 2012, he graduated and was subsequently hired by Atticus Ross (Oscar Winner Film Composer) to work on the projects “Broken City” and “47 Ronin”.

In 2015, he created the SoundTracks course as part of the Sound Design program at the School of Arts of the Catholic University in Porto, where he teaches every other semester.

Recently, he won the Best Original Music award at the FASTNET festival in Ireland, with the soundtrack for the animated short “Entre Sombras”.