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Borkerslink 2023

Brokerslink 2022


Rita e Pedro – “Três Pontinhos”

Letra e Música: Pedro Marques, Rita Rocha, Galileu Grantio Maestro Valter Mateus Primeiros violinos Marta EufrázioPedro Carvalho António…

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A Rapariga de Olhos grandes e o Rapaz das Pernas compridas.

A Rapariga de Olhos grandes e o Rapaz das Pernas compridas

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Rabo de Peixe

Banda Sonora da Série Rabo de Peixe


Borkerslink 2022

Brokerslink 2022

o casaco rosa

O Casaco Rosa

Music For Short – O Casaco Rosa

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Palma – Banda Sonora

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre – Banda Sonora


Allianz Cup 2023

Music for Allianz Cup Video


Sony Talent League – THU

Music For THU Sony Talent League


3 Mulheres – Pós Revolução

Music for 3 Mulheres – Pós Revolução.


Allianz Cup 2022

Music for Allianz Cip 2022

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Lucky Dogs Logo

Music composed for the Logo of the Film Distributor Lucky Dogs.
Making of included.

Allianz Cup

Allianz Cup Logo

Music For the Allianz Cup Logo

Ironias do Destino

“Ironias do Destino”

Flutuar é o tema principal da curta “Flutuar”realizada por Artur Serra Araújo. Nesta cena, Maria Leite e Alba Baptista, representam a primeira experiência romantica de duas jovens raparigas

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Mónica Santos directed the artistic video of Katty Xiomara 2020 Fashion Collection. This is the version of that video, without the voice over, only with the music. Composed by Pedro Marques.

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Flutuar é o tema principal da curta “Flutuar”realizada por Artur Serra Araújo. Nesta cena, Maria Leite e Alba Baptista, representam a primeira experiência romantica de duas jovens raparigas

El Viaje Mas Largo

“El Viaje Más Largo”

500 Years ago, Magallanes and Elcano Launched a Maritime Adventure…
That expedition became the first trip around the world.

isto não é um chapeu

“Isto Não é um Chapéu”

Esta é a história da raposa Foxy, uma profissional eficiente na arte de roubar galinhas, que certo dia é coagida a assaltar o Palácio de L´Éclair e rapinar a coroa de Abat-Jour.


522. Un gato, un chino y mi padre

George is agoraphobic and can’t go beyond 522 steps from home. One day, her cat forces her to embark on a trip from Spain to native Portugal. Along the way, George’s whole world starts to widen.

Mia couto sou autor do meu nome

Mia Couto – Sou Autor do Meu Nome

A documentary overview on the life and work of the writer Mia Couto

THU 2019

THU 2019

Soundtrack for the VFX festival opening.

2 minutos

2’ Minutos para mudar de vida

2’ Minutos para mudar de vida é uma campanha de educação para a saúde que promove as mudanças de comportamento ao alcance de cada um para prevenir o cancro e outras doenças não-transmissíveis.

3 mulheres

3 Mulheres

3 Mulheres, Sére de Televisão na RTP

Entre Sombras 1

Entre Sombras – Music Making of

Natália, trapped in a tedious job, engages in a search for a stolen heart. In a world where hearts can be deposited in a bank, the protagonist faces a dilemma: give her heart or keep it to herself.

A mae é que sabe

A Mãe é que Sabe

Ana Luísa realizes the impact that the deceased mother had on her life choices and imagines what would have happened had she followed other paths, taken other options and said what remained to be said.

Final Act

Final Act

Directed by Maria Hespanhol

Capitao Falcao a Musica

Capitão Falcão – A Música

Making of da Banda Sonora do filme “Capitão Falcão”


Lidle – Hans


Keyart - JPEG

Spinning Man

A thriller by director Simon Kaijser
Opens In select theaters
and On Demand 2018, April 6.

Baptismo de terra

Baptismo de Terra


A moral conjugal

A Moral Conjugal

By Artur Serra Araújo Music Parts


My Other Country – Mitt Andra Land

By Solveig Nordlund

ne oublie

Ne Oublie


portuguese architecture

Portuguese Architecture


my life as a comedian

My Life as a Comedian

My Life as a Comedian is a poetic and compassionate portrayal of growing pains, teenage fears, and the painful consequences of bullying. Whether in Seventies suburban Sweden or on contemporary social media, peer pressures is powerful and the desire to fit in can have catastrophic consequences.


Personal Projects



Dartacão – Arranjo para Orquestra


A morte de carlos gardel

A Morte de Carlos Gardel

Sound Track


Stella Artois



Axe – Curves



TEDx Porto



Kia Soul


NBS Trains

SBN Christmas Campagin



Suicidio Encomendado

Sound Track


30 Jahre Filmforderung in Hamburg







A Danish journalist is taken hostage in Afghanistan by a terror group that threatens to kill her if Denmark does not withdraw their troops from the country.

Totally true love

Totally True Love

Sound Track


Kayak Sheep Happens


Mr Walter

Mr Walter


Heart of a lion

Leijonasydän – Heart of a Lion

Neo-Nazi falls in love with a woman who has a black son and finds himself fighting with conflicting feelings

Amelia e Duarte

Amelia & Duarte

In this story we are guided through the relationship of Amelia and Duarte, two people that felt out…

All About my bush

All About my Bush

Sound Track

Nothing to hide

Nothing to Hide

by HelderGuimarães and Derek Delgaudio

Porto Canal

Porto Canal

Musicas feitas para o canal de Televisão Porto Canal

THU 2015

THU 2015
thu 2016

THU 2016
Palanca TV

Palanca TV

Music for the TV Network

Verso Show

Verso – A show on Brodway

By Helder Guimarães

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Women Win She Movies Women Creat Chances Early Marriage
fnac natal

Fnac Natal


Navarro Promisse

Navarro Promisse


Darren Corp

Powerful Solutions By DarrenCorp: Crisis Resolution

What starts as a ‘corporate training video’ on ‘Crisis Resolution’ quickly veers into a world of sex, revenge,…



In September 2018, we presented a new installation for “COMUR – Conserveira de Portugal” Lisbon. An “In-Shop Experience” that presents…

Summer fest

Summer Fest Summer Fest Music


THU 2018
thu2017_ Poster

THU 2017

THU Survival Guide
alcacer do sal

Live in a day in Alcácer do Sal

Live in a day in Alcácer do Sal


Ilhavo, Center of Portugal

Música para vídeo promocional da cidade de Ilhavo Isto é um teste para perceber se aparece na lista…


Grândola, Vila Morena

Música para vídeo promocional da cidade de Grândola, Vila Morena


Guardiã da Naturia – Pampilhosa da Serra

Música para video promocional da Pampilhosa da Serra

Mail Anuncios

Milanuncios – Si vas en serio… Drone

Music for commercial


Video Mapping – Jeunesse

Music for video mapping


Eco – Jornal de economia Online

Music for the online newspaper ECO


Solero 50 Kcal

Solero Advertisement


Cornerstones 4 Care